This website is a medium to tell story of people, who are voiceless through images. An image can say a thousand words. An image is a moment of history, a memory, and a part of life. It is also the evidence of atrocities as well.

Co-founder of Burma Issues, a peaceful grassroots movement organisation, Max Ediger said, “When somebody has lost everything - family, home, land, worldly possessions, faith, and identity, the only thing left that nobody can take away is a story. And the telling of these stories can be a healing experience for people." ".. Yet to receive a story is not the end. There is a call to act on the story”.

These photos are not taken by professionals, but by the people who are part of the stories. Please contact us with suggestions, comments and stories.

Note: Some stories are just retell the story of a person, some captions are written in the shoes of the person in the photo, as the author themselves are part of the story.



Want to share story and photo please contact
Saw Ehna: ehnadoh@yahoo.com


2005 Kwe Ka Lu team, friends in Mergui-Tavoy District and overseas Karen in California, USA • Email: ehnadoh@yahoo.com

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